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Duncan Marine Electric provide innovative design solutions for marine projects in Electronics, Control and Propulsion.

Our bespoke designs are for yacht owners and boat building professionals alike. We also design for Defence/R&D and the wider marine applications industry.

Our system designs are based on sound engineering principles, knowledge and over 35 years of extensive experience within the marine industry. Solutions are designed for challenging environments often involving system redundancy and cover electronics, DC/AC electrical systems and distribution. To ensure first class reliability and performance in our designs we consider the very best components available in the industry.

Duncan Marine Electric offer a full wrap around service including onboard electrical modifications, updating electrical systems or components. We consistently provide a complete boat electrical design from the battery up.

We can also assist with integrating third party on board systems for research projects, Proof of Concept (POC) design and prototyping across an extensive range of applications.

Our project service includes our Electrical Design Schematics and design documentation as a key part of our work, supporting installation and commissioning.

Duncan Marine Electric is constantly developing it’s service to the marine industry, building professional partnerships as a leading design provider.



Our professional installation service is a commitment to excellence.

Through extensive technical knowledge and experience we undertake vessel equipment refit, upgrades and bespoke additions using professional marine electrical components and systems.

We advise, plan and create new build layouts for all types of vessels so that systems operate correctly, ready for operation in a demanding environment. We carefully consider the visual aspects of an installation design to ensure the style and layout aspects of a project are met.



We offer both our significant experience and expertise in inspection and troubleshooting of installations.

We understand that up-to-date inspection and fault finding techniques gained by keeping abreast of new technologies is critical. If you are experiencing any problems with your boat’s electrical or electronic systems then we can identify and rectify the problem.



Oyster Yachts 

Oyster 745 blue water cruising yacht – Electrical design


Autonomous underwater threat detection – Electrical design & installation

Bladerunner 45 GT Tourer

High speed cruiser – Electrical design & installation

HMS Brecon

Naval training vessel – Design for multiple 3PH generator replacement and integration

Bladerunner 35

Original Bladerunner – Electrical design and installation

Naval RHIB

Naval vessel – Electrical design

Belle Amie – Hagg 36

Classic motor yacht – Complete electrical design and refit

BR35 RIB – ICE Marine

High performance and versatile – Electrical design and installation


Innovative Technical Marine Systems & Products

Duncan Marine Electric are UK import agents and suppliers for a range of leading products that deliver exceptional quality and performance.



“Everyone’s dream is to move freely from bow to stern without having to stay at the helm”

Individual control of your engines, thrusters and windlass just from the palm of your hand. It is intuitive and naturally easy to berth your yacht with Yacht Controller.

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As with all the wireless remotes, simply align the boat image on the remote with your yachts bow and all functions come naturally to your fingertips.

In addition, Yacht Controller operates with dual frequency transmission which protect from extraneous RF transmissions or disturbances.

Designed with custom silicone diaphragm switch levers Yacht Controller gives which give you precise control of each engine or thruster with a return to neutral or off when your remove pressure from them.

Compatible with a wide range of electronic helm control levers.

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Yacht Controller



Duncan Marine Electric are passionate about the pursuit of perfection when it comes to innovative products in the marine world we love.

We are therefore very proud to offer to you, iBubble.

iBubble is your personal underwater autonomous drone filmmaker for every dive trip. Remotely controlled by you to capture your adventures as they unfold.

Duncan Marine Electric for iBubble sales and product support in the UK.



Duncan Marine Electric

The history behind the company…

Following his early passion for the sea and boats, Chris Duncan started his career as an engineering apprentice with Mermaid Marine. Then with particular interests in marine research and in developing new ideas Chris moved to study electronics within the National Maritime Institute (NMI) originally Ship Division at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), later to become the British Maritime Institute (BMT).

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Following on, Chris joined Sonardyne Ltd, the world leaders in subsea acoustic technology and design, leading into specific roles in a variety of cutting edge product developments such as position location and Thru Water Communications (TWC). This opportunity provided Chris with a unique insight of the challenges facing electronic systems in underwater applications and a further appreciation of specialist marine engineering methods.

Moving away for a period from the marine business, Chris was then able to develop his knowledge across a broader section of industry, this time within broadcast engineering. With leading companies Basys Ltd and Broadcast Technology Ltd, Chris enjoyed various roles including head of production, customer service manager and worldwide technical sales which provided him with key experience in building up company operations and business development. Chris was able to have a ‘hands on’ approach in broadcast engineering within a wide spectrum of sectors throughout the industry and was also able to play a key role in the emergence and roll out of digital TV.

Chris’s extensive experience and considerable knowledge built from a wide scope of environments empowered him to consider combining his skill set and passion for the marine industry and so Duncan Marine Electric was launched in 2002.

Duncan Marine Electric – a company focused on reliable, innovative and safe electrical solutions for those who’s business or pleasure is the sea and inland waters.

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Boathouse Studio, 51 Whitedown Lane,
Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1PU, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01420 563250
Email: [email protected]

Member of the British Marine Federation (BMF) and
British Marine Electrical and Electronics Association (BMEEA)

Registered in England No: 5643108
Registered Office:
Arnold House, 2 New Road,
Brading, Isle of Wight, PO36 0DT